Versions of Joanna cover art
  1. Billy Bragg: "On a Good Day"
  2. Josh Mann: "Bridges & Balloons"
  3. M. Ward: "Sadie"
  4. Ian Cooke: "Monkey & Bear"
  5. The Moscow Coup Attempt: "Sprout and the Bean"
  6. Owen Pallett: "Peach, Plum, Pear"
  7. Joel Cathey: "Book of Right-On"
  8. Melissa Stylianou: "Swansea"
  9. Ben Sollee: "Sawdust & Diamonds"
  10. Chris Leeds: "Clam, Crab, Cockle, Cowrie"
  11. This Is Deer Country: "Easy"
  12. Francesco Santocono: "'81"
  13. Guy Buttery: "Book of Right-On" (instrumental)
  14. Ian Cooke: "Colleen"
  15. Jennifer Schmitt: "This Side of the Blue"
  16. Rosa Hinksman: "In California"
  17. A Voice Heard on Baer Mountain: "Autumn"
  18. White Elephant Gift Exchange: "Inflammatory Writ"
  19. David Miele: "Soft as Chalk"
  20. Sandhorse: "Flying a Kite"
  21. Sarah Katheryn: "Baby Birch"
  22. Kristina Forrer: "On a Good Day"